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Chat process is a common term used in contact centers for when a brand’s support team uses live chat to interact with customers.

A chat support process flow is a step-by-step representation (with multiple paths and decisions) of how a live chat support conversation should go from customers requesting it to the end of the chat.

How a typical chat support process flow looks like

This is a basic live chat flow from the user’s perspective:
Step-1: A customer with a query opens the support page.
Step-2: The customer requests a chat.
Step-3: The customer enters personal information (name, email address, ID, etc.) in the chat request form. (You can extract these details if the customer is logged in)
Step-4: Then, the customer adds problem details: category (e-commerce example: general, shipping, returns), problem summary, product ID, etc. And clicks submit
Step-5: The chatbot extracts relevant articles/FAQs from the help center (based on the problem details) and shows them to the customer.
• If the customer finds the answer from those, awesome.
• If not, next step.
Step-6: If still not satisfied, the customer clicks ‘Request a chat with agent’ and waits in a queue. TIP: Make the customer aware of their number in the queue and how much approx. time will agent take to get in touch.
Step-7: The customer connects with an agent, and the agent tries to solve the customer’s problem in the best possible way. (I’ll add what happens during a chat conversation, what etiquettes agents should follow, and some common Q&As further in the article.)
Step-8: The customer gets the solution to their problems.
Step-9 (optional but recommended): Chat ends. Now, you can share a CSAT survey to see know their experience with the support team.
That’s it. Although, when you think about it, the process is quite complex, requiring the chat agent to make multiple decisions on the spot.

Benefits of Chat process:

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The chat process improves the support experience for customers
Chat process helps with customer acquisition and onboarding
Chat process lets your agents build rapport with customers
Chat process reduces repetition for your customers
Chat process boosts your customer service team’s productivity
Chat process lets you provide 24/7 support
Chat support increases customer engagement
Chat process can give you an edge over your competition